The Referral Process


referring veterinary clinics!!!

Having requested referrals for thousands of animals over the years, we have developed a “hassle free” process for you and your staff!

mnMinnesota state law requires that we obtain a referral from an animal’s veterinarian before providing them with chiropractic care.

The veterinary referral requirement helps ensure an integrated approach to care. When you refer one of your clients to us, you will receive a thorough written report each time we see them. We believe that continued communication supports the best outcome for the animal.


Our doctors are highly trained and properly insured for the work they perform. Your referral does not create the potential of liability for you.

  • If your client contacts us directly…

    we will fax a referral request form to you for your signature.

  • If you identify a client that needs our help, you can:

    Veterinary Referral form

    Veterinary Referral Form

    If you are the animal's Veterinarian: Upon receipt of this form, we will contact the animal's owner to schedule an appointment.

    If you are the animal's owner: Upon receipt of this form, we will contact the animal's veterinarian directly to request the referral. Once the referral has been made, we will contact you and set up the appointment.

    Pet Owner's Contact Information

    In detail, describe your pet's concern.

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