Is Georgia on our mind???  YES!  We are doing our very best to get there and serve as the pit crew for our CFE superstars!

When we travel to another state to do our work, we need to make sure that we are meeting the legal requirements for that state.  We’re in the process of doing that for Georgia now.  But, due to circumstances beyond our control, we’re currently in a holding pattern.   With all our fingers and toes crossed – we are hoping to have a definite (and positive) answer for you by the end of February.

THAT BEING SAID…  If you would like to be on Team CFE for the 2017 AKC National Agility Championship, please let us know ASAP.  We are going to proceed with planning with a positive frame of mind.

Whether or not we can support you in Georgia, we WILL be at the Norwegian Elkhound Association of MN AKC trial at On the Run the weekend before Nationals.  This will be a great opportunity to get a pre-event tune-up for your champion.

Visit our Team CFE page for more information about the program or to join the Team.   And congratulations on qualifying!!!