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The animals in this family have met all four of the CFE doctors.  We’ve met them during good circumstances – for maintenance.  This means that all four of us are well prepared if these pups ever find themselves in an urgent need of acupuncture or chiropractic care.  We all already know their typical personalities, postures and ways of moving – so we are well prepared to spot anything that seems “off” – even if it might be subtle.

Each of the CFE doctors was hand-picked for their skill, experience, commitment, compassion and desire to continuously learn.

We all share a background in animal chiropractic – but we have each chosen a unique set of supplementary tools to enhance your animal’s healing experience.

We strive to provide seamless service…

Each doctor’s notes are readily available to the others.  With just a few clicks, each of us can see what the last CFE doctor found at your companion’s visit and what therapies were performed.  We stay connected with each other to provide the best support system possible for your animal.

Links to our bios are included below…

As the opportunity presents itself, please be open to visiting each of the CFE doctors.  You’ll be glad you did!