Chiropractic for EveryBody (CFE) has a few Standard Process items on the shelves nearing their expiration date.  We are offering these items to our clients at 40% off – in case you can use them up before they turn into pumpkins!

The items will be sold on first-come, first served basis.  So, if you are interested give us a call at 952-484-5460 and we will email you an invoice.  Once the invoice is paid, we will set the supplement aside for pick up at our Roseville location.


Currently available…

Canine Adrenal Support – 25 g – exp 5/28/22

Canine Adrenal Support – 100 g – exp 5/28/22

Ligaplex I – 150 caps – exp 5/7/22


Happy Spring!  We’ll see you soon.  In the meantime, sending you peace and hugs!