Nineteen shelter animals helped with chiropractic care  … downright amazing!!!

Because of the commitment and expertise of the staff at the Humane Society of Sedona (HSS,) we were able to get 19 of the shelter animals assessed and adjusted during our April 2017 visit!

Kitty and Dr. Annie

HSS has created a beautiful, workable area for us to treat both shelter animals and animals from the community.  We couldn’t have asked for a more comfortable and welcoming space to provide our services.

Part of the plan for the April visit was to recheck the animals we treated in January.  Well, we couldn’t because – THEY HAD ALL BEEN ADOPTED!!!  Not a single one of them was left at the shelter.  That was some wonderful news!


Our list of Thank -Yous…

Victoria and Sweet Joey

  • To Austin for recognizing the value of this program in making the shelter animals more comfortable and content, and helping their true personalities shine through to potential adopters.
  • To Liz for holding a discussion with her staff to determine which shelter residents we should focus on.
  • To Victoria for her active interest in the process, her help with the many cats we visited, AND for entrusting Dr. Annie with the care of her sweet little 14-year-old Papillion, Joey!
  • To Antonio for his consistent cooperation and support, and his interest in learning how to identify an animal in need of a chiropractic adjustment.
  • To Lacy for her willingness to work with the more “worried” residents that seem to have a special trust in her.
  • To Emily for her feedback, which allowed us to provide customized follow-up for one of the residents that was dealing with a prior injury.

    Trevor and Ziggy

  • To Greg for his patient assistance with the paperwork side of things.
  • To Trevor for spending much of his workday with Dr. Annie, assisting in getting all of our rechecks and photos done.
  • To the staff and volunteers whose names we haven’t learned yet… thank you so much for the great work you do!


We look forward to continuing this exciting work with you!