CFE Appointment Request

We are currently scheduling appointments at the following locations:  Not all of our locations are ready to have us return just yet.  Every facility is working out their own return-to-services plan and we respect the time and care they are taking to do this properly – so measures can be taken to protect all clients – theirs and ours.
  • Maple Grove – Cloud 9 Training School for Dogs
  • Minnetonka – Fusion Pet Retreat
  • Roseville – Integrative Services
  • St. Cloud - Granite City Pet Hospital
  • St. Louis Park – Agile Canines Training School
We are currently scheduling appointments with the following doctors:  Each of our doctors is making their own decisions about returning to work based on the particular needs of their families and households.
  • Dr. Kerri
  • Dr. Kirsten
  • Dr. Rachel
  • Dr. Stacie
  • Dr. Taryn
If you are open to seeing a doctor other than the one(s) you usually see, this may help us get your animal scheduled sooner.  We also recommend that your animal is familiar with more than one of our providers in case they should need to be seen under urgent circumstances.   That way they have more than one provider familiar with them, which can be very helpful.
If you are willing / able to let your pet go in alone with the doctor, this may allow us to get your animal scheduled sooner.  General services are available via curb-side drop-off only. Current regulations require that only critical-care clients may have owners present during the visit – and even then, only when absolutely necessary. 
Please let us know why your pet is being seen. Your reason can be "regular maintenance" or care for a specific issue.  Please feel free to be detailed.  This information will be shared with your companion’s doctor prior to their visit. If this is care for a specific issue, please include the following information:
  • Is your animal is painful?
  • If they are painful, please tell us how they are showing you.  For example; limping, trouble rising from lying down, "holding their head funny", crying with certain movements, etc.
  • Have they seen their primary veterinarian for this issue?
  • If you HAVE been to your primary vet for this, when was that visit and what did they do for your companion (testing, x-rays, medication, etc.)