None of the references noted side effects associated with PEMF therapy. Thermal effects are a known cause of danger associated with electromagnetic fields, but PEMF therapy is non-thermal and does not appear to affect non-injured tissues (3). In simple terms, PEMF helps injured cells to act more like normal cells.

Contraindications for PEMF therapy include growing animals (due to possible effect on growth plates in bones) and presence of pacemakers or lead implants (4,5). A client with a pacemaker may use PEMF for a pet if s/he takes the precaution to keep the device below his or her waist and 6” from the implant (4).

Given the current state of research, cancer is not a contraindication for PEMF! However, caution should be used at the site of highly vascular tumors, such as hemangiosarcoma. PEMF may be applied distant to the tumor site (4), but keep in mind that PEMF penetrates deep into tissues.