The author has had extremely positive experience using PEMF therapy for both personal pets and patients in the form of Respond Bio-Pulse System (PEMF bed) and Assisi Loop over the past 5 years.

Both devices use specific field waveforms and frequencies developed within the range deemed most effective for PEMF technology (4,5). Since these differ somewhat, it is important to follow manufacturer’s instructions and the advice of a veterinary or chiropractic professional regarding use.

Two sizes of Assisi Loops

Assisi Loops from Assisi Animal Health

The Assisi has superb application in targeted therapies and is a fantastic choice for performance animals to treat microtraumas that occur during training and competition, as well as any acute or chronic inflammatory condition. Assisi guarantees at least 150 treatments of 15 minutes with each loop as long as the treatments are 2 hours or more apart.  Using the loop more than once in a 2 hour window puts excess strain on the battery, shortens the battery life and number of treatments the loop will provide, and voids the warranty. Once the battery has expired, the Loop should be disposed of via electronic recycling (check with office supply stores) due to the lithium battery and copper wire (4).


Dog on PEMF bed from Respond Systems

PEMF bed from Respond Systems

The PEMF bed provides a more generalized treatment, which works well for multiple affected joints or large treatment areas. It is also a portable option because it uses a rechargeable battery pack. If your pet suffers from any type of inflammatory condition, it is worth considering PEMF therapy. It will be exciting to see the positive results and novel applications based on current and future research!