CFE can drop ship the Assisi Loop directly to your home.  The cost for our clients is $275 plus tax, which is less than ordering directly from Assisi.  Please contact us at if you would like more information.

We love the loop as a non-pharmaceutical way to help decrease pain and inflammation, which should help deepen / sustain the benefits of your animal’s chiropractic or acupuncture treatment by creating an environment that supports the body’s restorative processes. 

If you would like us to bring one to your animal’s next visit, just give us a heads up in advance by calling 952-484-5460 or contact Tricia so she can get those arrangements made.  Or, if you are stuck at home during this time of social distancing and would like us to get one shipped out to you, just let us know.  We can do that, too.


For those of you that would prefer a far nerdier explanation of the Loop – the following exerpt is directly from the Assisi Loop web site.

“By emitting bursts of microcurrent electricity, the Assisi Loop creates a field which evenly penetrates both soft and hard body tissue around the target area. This electromagnetic field causes a chemical cascade, which activates the Nitric Oxide cycle. Nitric Oxide is a key molecule in healing for humans and animals. The compound is released when we exercise, and when we are injured, for the body to naturally repair itself.”

Bottom line, we love the Loop at CFE.  It can help get your animal through the time between chiropractic and acupuncture appointments more comfortably.