A Decade of Service in Animal Chiropractic


It's been ten wonderful years of loving your pets nearly as dearly as you do! See CFE's Historical Timeline for some highlights you may remember... On one hand, I can’t believe 10 years has gone by since we helped our first animal chiropractic client.  Time flies when you love what you do as completely as [...]

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Animal Chiropractic – Explained


Animal chiropractic, also known as Veterinary Spinal Manipulative Therapy (VSMT), is the treatment of Segmental Dysfunction (SDF) or Vertebral Subluxation Complexes (VSC). In more simple terms, it is a hands-on method of modulating the nervous system in order to restore balance to the body. SDF/VSC refers to neurologic and biomechanical processes that cause imbalances in [...]

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Degenerative Myelopathy


Degenerative myelopathy (DM) is defined as a neurodegenerative disease involving lesions of the spinal cord. It has been associated with the presence of a specific genetic mutation. True degenerative myelopathy exhibits an ascending pattern as it progresses. This means that it affects the rear limbs first and then moves forward in the body, eventually affecting [...]

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