Hello! from Dr. Annie


To my beloved clients... I hope that you all are making it through these unprecedented times with steady health and some sense of basic safety and security.  My thoughts and my heart are with all of you and our communities. Sometimes change is forced on us.  Sometimes it’s making a simple decision between a handful [...]

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Telemedicine – TCVM


What IS telemedicine? And what the heck is TCVM? Why would I consider this for Fido or Fluffy? – by Taryn Lindbeck, DVM Telemedicine is a virtual visit between a medical professional – in this case, one of the veterinarians here at CFE – and a patient.  Well, in our case, since our patients lack [...]

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Hello! from Dr. Kerri


Hello, hello! I’ve missed you and your pets!!     What a crazy situation we are living in. I am so grateful for the technology that we have available today, both for keeping up with the pandemic, and helping us cope with the stay at home order by keeping us entertained.  After the first couple [...]

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Assisi Loop? PEMF Bed? What does PEMF do anyway?


PEMF devices are available for you to buy or rent to help get your pet through this social distancing period, when our regular maintenance visits simply can't happen.  Contact us at for details on either the purchase or rental programs. What is PEMF? Rachel Stephensen, DVM, CVA, CVSMT, CVFT, CCRT Many of you are [...]

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Therapeutic Laser Rentals


Respond Systems has lasers available for rent, which could help get some of you through this Stay at Home time - particularly those of you who had laser as part of your treatment plan previously. Respond Systems has a 3-month minimum rental period, and it is quite a substantial financial commitment.  But, we wanted to [...]

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A Decade of Service in Animal Chiropractic


It's been ten wonderful years of loving your pets nearly as dearly as you do! See CFE's Historical Timeline for some highlights you may remember... On one hand, I can’t believe 10 years has gone by since we helped our first animal chiropractic client.  Time flies when you love what you do as completely as [...]

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Animal Chiropractic – Explained


Animal chiropractic, also known as Veterinary Spinal Manipulative Therapy (VSMT), is the treatment of Segmental Dysfunction (SDF) or Vertebral Subluxation Complexes (VSC). In more simple terms, it is a hands-on method of modulating the nervous system in order to restore balance to the body. SDF/VSC refers to neurologic and biomechanical processes that cause imbalances in [...]

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Degenerative Myelopathy


Degenerative myelopathy (DM) is defined as a neurodegenerative disease involving lesions of the spinal cord. It has been associated with the presence of a specific genetic mutation. True degenerative myelopathy exhibits an ascending pattern as it progresses. This means that it affects the rear limbs first and then moves forward in the body, eventually affecting [...]

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