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Happy Dance! Team CFE at AKC NAC in Georgia!


YES!!!  Team CFE is going to the AKC NAC in Georgia! We are delighted to finally report that we WILL be on hand to support our CFE superstars!!! FOR THOSE OF YOU THAT ALREADY KNOW YOU WANT TO PARTICIPATE ON THE TEAM: Please contact Tricia at your earliest opportunity (952-484-5460) so that we can get [...]

Happy Dance! Team CFE at AKC NAC in Georgia!2017-03-28T17:31:41-05:00

More Support at AKC NAC – Jami Whiting, DVM


Many of you remember Jami Whiting, DVM. Dr. Jami worked with CFE for a short time before she moved to Atlanta in 2014.  She will also be at the event providing laser treatments, acupuncture, and trigger point needling. Fees for these services will range from $15 – 70.  

More Support at AKC NAC – Jami Whiting, DVM2017-03-31T11:56:22-05:00

More Support at AKC NAC – Cindy Hickey – Supreme Motion Massage


Cindy Hickey of Supreme Motion will be on site at the NAC.  She will be offering canine sports massage packages that are designed much like the Team CFE package, but the number of available spaces are quite limited.  At the time of this writing, she had 4 openings left. If time permits between her pre-paid [...]

More Support at AKC NAC – Cindy Hickey – Supreme Motion Massage2017-02-23T22:11:29-06:00

New Lakeville Location – Dakota Pet Hospital


Dakota Pet Hospital, 20131 Icenic Trail in Lakeville - CFE's newest location for animal chiropractic, acupuncture and traditional Chinese veterinary medicine.  CFE doctors Kerri Lockwood, DC, CVSMT and Stacie Seymour, DVM will be providing services at this location. In addition to Dakota Pet Hospital, we have also re-established office hours at two of our previous southern locations: Lexington [...]

New Lakeville Location – Dakota Pet Hospital2017-02-03T21:30:44-06:00

Dr. Kerri Now Full-Time!


CFE is delighted to announce that Dr. Kerri Lockwood is now "ours"... and "yours"... full-time!   Her animal clients say "Hooray!!!" Dr. Kerri brings a LOT to the CFE table, including her participation in the Chiropractic Neurology Diplomate Program at Northwestern Health Sciences University - a very demanding two-year program that she elected to add to her [...]

Dr. Kerri Now Full-Time!2017-02-03T21:03:05-06:00

January’s Trip to the Verde Valley


When we left Minneapolis to spend a week in Sedona and the Village of Oak Creek, we sure didn't expect to wake up to this! Temperatures and weather conditions were basically the same as they were at home.  Crazy!!!   However, we sure got plenty of sunshine from our new friends...  the residents of the [...]

January’s Trip to the Verde Valley2017-02-03T20:27:22-06:00

Animal Chiropractic in Sedona / VOC – April 23-26


Dr. Annie of Chiropractic for EveryBody will be returning to the Sedona / Oak Creek area April 23 - 26, to provide chiropractic care to dogs and cats.  She will be seeing clients at Bell Rock Veterinary Clinic in the VOC, AND at the Humane Society of Sedona!  (Appointments for either location can be scheduled [...]

Animal Chiropractic in Sedona / VOC – April 23-262017-02-07T14:52:22-06:00

2017 AKC National Agility Championship Team CFE Update


Is Georgia on our mind???  YES!  We are doing our very best to get there and serve as the pit crew for our CFE superstars! When we travel to another state to do our work, we need to make sure that we are meeting the legal requirements for that state.  We're in the process of [...]

2017 AKC National Agility Championship Team CFE Update2017-02-03T20:29:13-06:00

CFE February 2017 Trial Schedule


CFE is with you every Sunday in February, covering a wide variety of organizations!  MAC USDAA Trial on the 5th.  MAC UKI Trial on the 12th.  Northstar Rottweiler Club AKC Trial on the 19th.  And the OTR CPE Trial on the 19th.  For our complete trial schedule and additional details, visit our Events page.  And, as [...]

CFE February 2017 Trial Schedule2017-02-03T20:29:45-06:00

Land O Lakes Kennel Club Show – January 6-8


No CFE booth this year, but we've still got you covered! For those of you attending the Land O Lakes Kennel Club show at St. Paul's Rivercentre...   CFE will not have an on site booth as we have for the past few years.  However, we are still available to care for your competitors should an [...]

Land O Lakes Kennel Club Show – January 6-82017-01-02T20:07:12-06:00

CFE 2017 Trial Schedule Announced


Twenty-six local trials and counting... CFE has been busy putting together our 2017 trial schedule. You'll see us at AKC, CPE, NADAC, UKI and USDAA events. We'll be at On the Run, Soccerblast, Fusion Pet Retreat, TCOTC, and that's just locally. We're also planning to support you at AKC Nationals, USDAA Cynosport World Games and [...]

CFE 2017 Trial Schedule Announced2016-12-28T22:35:14-06:00

Team CFE at the 2016 AKC Agility Invitational!


For three years running; Dr. Annie, Tricia and Scott have had the honor of being the pit crew for Team CFE at the AKC Agility Invitational.  2016 will be no exception! Members of Team CFE receive pre-transport support before leaving Minnesota, another once-over in Florida before the event begins, multiple chiropractic check-ups during the event, and another [...]

Team CFE at the 2016 AKC Agility Invitational!2016-11-25T13:08:45-06:00

Cynosport 2016


This was CFE's 2nd year at the USDAA Cynosport World Games.  Last year was in Murfreesboro, TN.  This year was in sunny Scottsdale, AZ.  As always, we love being the pit crew and cheering section for our amazing dog and handler teams.  You're all winners in our book! CHECK OUT THE SLIDESHOW! [rev_slider cynosport16]

Cynosport 20162016-11-18T09:28:56-06:00

New Certifications for CFE!


New Certifications for CFE!   Well-rounded care for your canine athlete. CFE’s dedication to canine athletes runs deep. Surrounded by our CFE family - we spend our Sundays at Soccerblast, On the Run, TCOTC, Animal Inn -  but that’s not all… We hold regular appointment hours at On the Run, Agile Canines, Twin Cities Animal [...]

New Certifications for CFE!2016-08-07T21:28:07-05:00

Discount on FitPAWS ® equipment!


Chiropractic for EveryBody clients can now receive discount on FitPAWS ® equipment! Good physical conditioning is at the basis of maintaining structural health.  Having a strong, well balanced muscular system can help prevent injury, protect joints, and make chiropractic adjustments hold longer. FitPAWS ® equipment and a little know-how about how to use these products [...]

Discount on FitPAWS ® equipment!2016-04-26T16:43:39-05:00

Dr. Annie and Dr. Stacie visit Standard Process


2015 has been a whirlwind! We have been so busy, we haven’t even had a chance to keep you up to speed with all that is going on at CFE! Over the next few weeks, it is our hope to bring you the highlights about what is new and interesting - Chapter One… Standard Process [...]

Dr. Annie and Dr. Stacie visit Standard Process2015-11-17T22:40:59-06:00

Inspired by Nosework


Celebrating CFE Partner: For the Love of Dogs. Today some of the animal chiropractors and staff of CFE got to observe Kristin Elmquist of For the Love of Dogs give a nose work class at Carver Lake Veterinary Center in Woodbury.  We learned what “crittering” is and got to smell birch scent. We watched three [...]

Inspired by Nosework2015-04-30T06:47:37-05:00

CFE Welcomes Dr. Rachel Stephensen


BIG NEWS!!! We are DELIGHTED to announce that Rachel Stephensen, DVM has joined the team of doctors at CFE! Combined with her impressive educational background is a wonderful way with animals and an impressive track record of effectiveness. She will begin working out of our newest location, North Paws Veterinary Clinic in Maple Grove, this Thursday, April [...]

CFE Welcomes Dr. Rachel Stephensen2017-01-27T12:07:40-06:00

Team CFE members ROCK the AKC NAC!!!


Team CFE members were smokin' hot at the AKC National Agility Championship!!! March 28-30, 2015 – Reno, NV. Of our 10 team members, 5 went on to the challengers round, 2 won their challengers round, and 1 ended up placing 2nd in finals! We are proud as can be of ALL of you! Thank you [...]

Team CFE members ROCK the AKC NAC!!!2015-04-05T11:38:49-05:00

The Hoffmans Shine at Stock Dog Competition!


We couldn't be more proud of these members of the CFE Gang!  The Hoffmans claimed the top three placements in the Pro Ranch division of the 2014 State Fair Stock Dog Competition.  It was a joy to watch them do their work.  Like poetry in motion!  In 3rd place was Toss, handled by Susane.  In [...]

The Hoffmans Shine at Stock Dog Competition!2014-08-25T16:20:40-05:00
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