UPDATED 5/15/20

Masked Rosie llustration Adapted from: Sarah Grillo/Axios.com


Chiropractic for EveryBody can once again provide care for clients in situations considered “non-critical.”  Welcome back, Friends!

We are delighted to return more fully to the work we love, doing our absolute best to protect your companions from discomfort and dysfunction!



The Cliffs Notes version…

  • Due to the nature of our client interactions, services will still be curbside drop-off only. Clients may accompany their animals into the visit only for critical-care situations – and even in those circumstances – only when deemed absolutely necessary by the doctor.
  • If you DO need to be present for the visit and your animal’s situation is non-critical, please complete an Appointment Request. This will get you on the list of folks that Tricia will contact as soon as we are able to allow you into the session with them.    
  • We must require that you wear a face-covering / mask during any interaction with your doctor, including exchanging your animal with them during curbside drop-off.
  • We need you to wait during your animal’s visit rather than running an errand. Their treatment will be performed and they will be returned to you as efficiently as possible.  We don’t have the ability to keep your animal with us while seeing other clients.
  • To schedule your animal’s visit, please call Tricia at 952-484-5460 or complete the  Appointment Request and Tricia will reach out to you with options.
  • Some locations / practitioners will be available before others.
  • The doctor’s schedules are not expected to return to pre-pandemic normal for quite some time.
  • We deeply appreciate your patience and cooperation as we do our best to get your animals back on track with the care they need in the safest way possible!

The Whole Story…

We are delighted to be able to once again provide the care that prevents issues from becoming critical or chronic.  However, we need to be sure we are doing this in a way that keeps you, our doctors and our families at home as safe as possible.  We thank you for walking through this with us.  Your relentless cooperation and patience is deeply appreciated!

Non-critical services must be performed as curbside drop-off.  We know this poses a real problem for some of you whose animals simply can’t be treated without their person present.  We know this is frustrating for you.  We are frustrated about it, too.  If your animal falls into this category, please complete an Appointment Request so that Tricia can work with you to find the best solution.

Loosening the restrictions on gatherings and shopping is heartening.  We were all looking forward to that.  But, we still need to be every bit as cautious we have ever been.  Each person out there running more errands or returning to a more “normal” work situation is getting and creating more potential exposures.  We can’t allow this illness into our CFE family any deeper or more destructively than it has been already.  For those of you that are not aware, we lost a friend to this disease on April 6th.  Every decision we make about how to return to work as safely as possible is done with him and his family in mind.  For these reasons we must require that face-coverings be worn by client and doctor during any interaction, including the hand-off of the animal for the curbside service.

As we rebuild our schedule, some of our locations will be opening up before others and some of our doctors will be returning to work before others.  Working hours and available practitioners will be a shifting and changing situation – this is expected to be the case for the foreseeable future.  Please bear with us as we do our best to get your animal the care it needs.  If you can’t see the doctor you normally see right now, PLEASE be willing to see one of the other providers in order to get your animal back on track while we attempt to find our way toward some normalcy. 

We all want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your care, patience, cooperation and sense of humor through this time.  We miss you very much and can’t wait to see you again soon!

Remember, we have to help each other:

This COVID-19 situation is an unprecedented, frightening and isolating event for all of us.  Please watch yourself and your friends and family members for signs of depression or anxiety.   For information on resources available to help see you through this, please visit


For the latest Minnesota situation update, please visit


And for information on how to protect yourself, visit


We’ll continue to get through this together.

All our best to you,

Your Friends at CFE