UPDATED 11/11/20

Masked Rosie llustration Adapted from: Sarah Grillo/Axios.com

You are Family and Friend to us.. All of us.  2020 has been intensely challenging.  Please know that we are doing our level best to keep scheduling as “normally” as we can.  However, a suspected exposure in or near one of our households upsets everything and the best laid plans fly right out the window.  COVID doesn’t care.

We have always supported the idea that it is best for your animal to get to know more than one of our doctors.  That way, if they develop an urgent need, they have a better chance of getting in with someone who has worked with them already.  Now, again, we are asking you to please keep your mind open to seeing a variety of CFE practitioners.  A potential COVID exposure at work or school may put one of our households in quarantine with no warning.  We may end up filling in for one another or we may have to move and shift schedules to accommodate. 

You have all been positively amazing about this so far.  Your understanding and compassion means the world to us.  Basically, we’re just asking you to keep on being awesome!  Please remember, these  protocols are in place to keep YOU safe, as well as us.

How do we work together in this effort?

  • Please expect your animal’s services to be performed via curbside drop-off. Clients may accompany their animals into the visit only when deemed absolutely necessary by their doctor.
  • Assess your situation on the day of your visit and call us to reschedule in any of the following circumstances:   
    • You were in attendance at any gathering during the past 14 days where social distancing or mask-wearing was not effectively practiced.
    • You have been in the presence of someone who has tested positive for COVID-19 in the last 14 days.
    • You have fever, cough, shortness of breath, chills, headache, muscle pain, sore throat, fatigue, congestion, loss of taste or smell, nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea.  If you have any of these symptoms, also follow the guidance provided here by the Minnesota Department of Health regarding testing and quarantine.  It is also very important that you let us know if you develop any of these symptoms in the week following your appointment so that we may take appropriate precautionary measures.
  • We require that you wear a face-covering / mask during any interaction with your doctor – even outdoors, including exchanging your animal with them during curbside drop-off.
  • We need you to wait during your animal’s visit rather than running an errand. Their treatment will be performed and they will be returned to you as efficiently as possible.  We don’t have the ability to keep your animal with us while seeing other clients.
  • The CDC recommends using touchless payment processes whenever possible.  Passing a check or cash between client and doctor adds one more level of risk for both parties, and our doctors no longer carry change for this reason.  We suggest that you have us enter your credit card information into Square for completely contactless payment processing.  Please call us at 952-484-5460 before your visit and we will enter your information directly into the payment processor’s system for you.
  • We will need to charge a 50% missed visit fee if you do not come to your appointment without notifying us in advance.   No-shows mean that another animal on a waiting list did not get the care they could have received.  And, since each of our doctors has to work a more limited schedule in order to allow for more time to clean and disinfect between visits, an unplanned empty appointment slot has an even greater impact on their livelihood.  If you cannot make it to your appointment please let us know ASAP by calling 952-484-5460 and we will reach out to someone on a waiting list.
  • To schedule your animal’s visit, you can either call Tricia at 952-484-5460 or complete the  Appointment Request and she will reach out to you with options that fit your needs.
  • Please understand that some locations / practitioners will have more availability than others and this may change with very little lead time.
  • Make sure we have up-to-date contact information for you, as we may need to get in touch with you on short notice before your appointment.
  • We deeply appreciate your patience and cooperation as we do our best to provide your animals with the care they need in the safest way possible!

We are deeply grateful for your understanding and cooperation.  This really is a team effort.

We are delighted to be able to once again provide the care that prevents issues from becoming critical or chronic.  However, we need to be sure we are doing this in a way that keeps you, our doctors and our families at home as safe as possible.  We thank you for walking through this with us.  Your relentless cooperation and patience is deeply appreciated!

So many of us are experiencing pandemic fatigue.  Rule and regulations, isolation, boredom, depression – it weighs heavily on all of us.  However we need to persevere and be every bit as cautious we have ever been.  Each person out there running errands, returning to a more “normal” work situation, or going to small gatherings of family and friends is getting and creating more potential exposures.  We cannot allow this insidious illness to creep into our CFE family any deeper or more destructively than it already has.  For those of you that are not aware, we lost a friend to this disease on April 6, 2020.  Every decision we make about how to work as safely as possible is done with him and his family in mind.  

As we reconstruct our schedule, some locations have opened up before others and some of our doctors have had to adapt their schedules to accommodate home-schooling or expanded care for family members.  Work hours, locations and available practitioners will be a constantly shifting and changing situation – this is expected to be the case for quite some time.  Please bear with us as we do our best to get your animal the care it needs.  If you can’t see the doctor you normally see right now, PLEASE be willing to see one of the other providers in order to keep your animal on track while we attempt to navigate this crazy time.

We all want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your care, patience, cooperation and sense of humor.  CFE’s clients are the absolute best!

Remember, we have to help each other:

This COVID-19 situation is an unprecedented, frightening and isolating event for all of us.  Please watch yourself and your friends and family members for signs of depression or anxiety.   For information on resources available to help see you through this, please visit


For the latest Minnesota situation update, please visit


And for information on how to protect yourself, visit


We will continue to get through this together.

All our best to you,

Your Friends at CFE