UPDATED 03/23/20, 3:04pm

Hello Friends,

Chiropractic for Everybody (CFE) is in full support of the clear and direct recommendations made by the US Surgeon General, the CDC and the Minnesota Dept. of Health…

The only weapon we have against COVID-19 right now is to stay away from each other.  Staying home is the only sure-fire way to save lives. 

Effective March 23, 2020 – CFE is cancelling all appointments considered “non-critical.” 

Please don’t take offense at this wording.  In the long term, chiropractic care and acupuncture ARE critical for many animals for optimal health and function.  What we are referring to here is assessing a situation to determine whether it is necessary in the short-term for the elimination of suffering or to prevent the need for euthanasia.     

Please know – We are still here for you.  We just need to figure out all the ways we can do that and still keep you safe.  When I took the chiropractic oath I promised to “exemplify a pattern of living in harmony with the laws of nature.”  Right now, that means shelter-in-place to stop the spread of this disease which is causing so much pain and suffering.  We know that works.  We are obligated as members of our communities to do so.

Two Action Items for You:

  • If you feel your pet’s condition will deteriorate without treatment, please contact us for options. In particular, we will be trying to assess your pet’s mobility in terms of ability to perform the functions of daily life (eating, drinking, bathroom habits, engagement) and pain control.  We will work with you to build a strategy to best support your pet for the time-being. 
  • Please sign up for our e-newsletter and “Like” our Facebook page if you haven’t already.  We will be using the e-newsletter and Facebook to communicate with our people during this down-time.  We will be providing suggestions on how we can support your animals while you stay safely at home with them. 


Thank goodness we have our pets and they are not susceptible to this illness – We need them more than ever right now. 

Sharing with you gratitude for clean water, safe air, the ability to stay in touch with one another, and for having such a powerful strategy to employ – by simply sheltering in place for now. 

Virtual hugs to each of you, and thank you for placing your trust in us.  Keep in contact, we want to know how you are doing.   We’ll see you soon!

We have to help each other:

This COVID-19 situation is an unprecedented, frightening and isolating event for all of us.  Please watch yourself and your friends and family members for signs of depression or anxiety.   For information on resources available to help see you through this, please visit


For the latest Minnesota situation update, please visit


And for information on how to protect yourself, visit


We’ll get through this together.

All our best to you,


Your Friends at CFE