Hello Team CFE Members!  We can’t wait to support you and your teammates in Georgia!!!

We have recently learned that the crating areas and stalls in Perry are on concrete surfaces.

In my experience at events like these, people and dogs can become fatigued and sore when spending too much time on concrete.

In order to combat this, I strongly recommend that you put down an additional protective moisture barrier / cushion underneath your dog’s crate (and under you, too, if you’ll be sitting on the floor.)

Here are a couple of suggestions for you.



I found both of these items at Menards, but I know they are available many other places.

Anything else made of closed cell foam would also be a good choice.  A yoga mat at the very least, but something considerably thicker would be better in my opinion.  Even two yoga mats with a few towels in between.

If anyone else has a creative solution they would like to share with their CFE Teammates, please let us know.  We’ll be happy to spread the word.

We are so proud of all of you for making it to the NAC / NOC!  We are really looking forward to being your pit crew and cheer leading squad in Perry!  Here’s to a fun, safe and successful event!


Dr. Annie