Discount on FitPAWS ® equipment!

Discount on FitPAWS ® equipment!

Chiropractic for EveryBody clients can now receive discount on FitPAWS ® equipment!

FitPAWS_Donut_SIT Good physical conditioning is at the basis of maintaining structural health.  Having a strong, well balanced muscular system can help prevent injury, protect joints, and make chiropractic adjustments hold longer.

FitPAWS ® equipment and a little know-how about how to use these products safely and effectively can add fun, variety and creativity to your conditioning work.

The most exciting news???  Our clients receive a discount when purchasing the equipment through us!  This discount is approximately 10% of full retail.







We will plan to keep the following FitPAWS ® items in stock:

  • Balance Pad
  • Donut
  • Donut Holder
  • K9FITbone
  • Paw Pods.

Please Note:  We will be placing an order in mid-May!  If you would like anything other than the items listed above, please contact us via email by Friday, May 13th

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