Dr. Annie and Dr. Stacie visit Standard Process

Dr. Annie and Dr. Stacie visit Standard Process

2015 has been a whirlwind!

We have been so busy, we haven’t even had a chance to keep you up to speed with all that is going on at CFE! Over the next few weeks, it is our hope to bring you the highlights about what is new and interesting – Chapter One…

Standard Process – Straight to You!


[intense_alert color=”#d5fadc”  shadow=”5″] Did you forget to pick up your pet’s Standard Process supplements at their visit? No problem! Now you can place your order online and have the supplements shipped directly to your door. Contact Tricia at tricia.chiropracticforeverybody@live.com or by calling 952-484-5460 to learn more about this great new program called Patient Direct.[/intense_alert]

Standard Process FarmsIn late June Dr. Stacie and I travelled to lovely Palmyra, Wisconsin to attend the Standard Process Veterinary Basics seminar and get to know this supplement company better. We really liked what we saw! Standard Process runs its own 450-acre organic farm where the vegetable materials in their whole-food supplements are produced. Order fulfillment happens within minutes of online order receipt, which is why your product arrives so lightning-fast. Their think-outside-the-box research department is top-notch and their quality control processes are outstanding.

We were so impressed that after our return, we scheduled a staff meeting with Cathy Lund, DVM – holistic veterinarian and our Standard Process rep – so that all of CFE could learn more about these products and their potential for helping our clients. We learned about specific canine and feline formulas, AND how to utilize the human line of supplements to keep costs in line for our larger breed dogs.

Milo with a bottle of Canine Enteric SupportI have been seeing very good things happen at my house with Standard Process. Brando is healing well from a tendon injury with Ligaplex I. Scout shows noticeably improved usage of her rear limbs when she receives Canine Musculoskeletal Support regularly. Mollee has fewer episodes of urine leakage at rest with Canine Adrenal Support . And Milo’s tummy is less touchy with Canine Enteric Support. Not to mention animals and humans alike benefiting from things like Cod Liver Oil, Prosynbiotic and Catalyn (Standard Process’ multivitamin-mineral supplement.)

Dr. Stacie has been recommending Standard Process whole-food supplements and herbal preparations along with the Chinese herbs she prescribes for her clients. They even have a family of supplements targeted to help manage anxiety.


We love Standard Process and their whole-food philosophy on supplementation – we think you will, too.