Laser therapy uses a very concentrated and directed light beam to add energy to the cells in the body’s tissues.  Adding this energy can aid in healing, increase flexibility and decrease pain.  Laser is a perfect adjunct therapy for your animal’s chiropractic treatment plan, and may even help their adjustment hold longer (always our goal at CFE!)


One of our favorite laser stories is that of Arlo; a big, beautiful conformation Bernese Mountain Dog.   His owner noticed a slight alteration in his gait a few weeks before a big conformation competition.  We got to work on him with adjustments and laser and helped him go on to win the whole darn thing!!! The biggest show he had ever won – beating 147 of the top Bernese Mountain Dogs in the country!




You are probably used to seeing your pups wearing protective goggles during their laser sessions.  This is a safety protocol used with Class 3 and 4 lasers like the kind used by Drs. Stacie and Rachel.  (Maple Eberhart is sporting a lovely pair here…)

Drs. Annie and Kerri are now equipped with Class 1M lasers which are still very effective, but don’t have the potential of eye injury – so no super-cool shades required!