Hello Everyone!  How are you all holding up?  I MISS YOU ALL and I am so thankful for all of you!

This has been a very crazy and different time for everyone.  I have spent the majority of it feeling like we are all on a roller coaster ride without a lap harness – all the while holding our hands up in the air and hoping we all stay safe.

Normally, I love roller coasters and all the twists and turns, climbing the hill only to feel your stomach drop and laughing so hard I can barely breathe.

I am not enjoying this roller coaster ride.


I miss my CFE family and our fabulous clients (four footed and less!) – all whom I very much consider my family.  This time of “Safe in Place” and “Social Distancing” has taught me to be even more grateful for all that I have and all those I have in my life.

I am so grateful for our clients who have called, texted, emailed, face booked, etc… just to make sure we were all ok.  I am so thankful for the understanding and patience that everyone has had to have, so that we could help and keep everyone safe.  Whether it was cancelling an appointment and pushing it out, trusting us with your fur kids to take out of your hands and out of your sight so we could help them feel better, wearing a mask like you were going to hold up a bank – (or a treat store is what I imagine the fur kids were hoping for), or driving a little farther than normal so we could help your fur babies…. ALL OF THIS AND MORE.  So very thankful.

I miss you all and I am not a hugger but when I get to see you and you are ok with it – I am hugging you all!  Until then, I am virtually hugging you and wanting you to know how much I appreciate you, how much I miss you and how very grateful I am for all of you during this time.   I do know that the whole CFE family feels the same way.  We THANK YOU from our whole hearts.  Stay safe. Stay patient. Keep laughing. Keep smiling. Tell a joke. And eat the cupcake…with a glass of wine. (of course).  See you all soon!