To my beloved clients…

I hope that you all are making it through these unprecedented times with steady health and some sense of basic safety and security.  My thoughts and my heart are with all of you and our communities.

Sometimes change is forced on us.  Sometimes it’s making a simple decision between a handful of options.  And sometimes it is looking at yourself in the mirror and realizing that retooling is necessary from the inside out.  Most of us have experienced all of these as an emotional avalanche over the past couple of months.  I wish us all strength to make the best choices and to do the personal work that will heal our communities and ourselves.

This has been a challenging time to be a business owner, to say the least.  Rough waters doesn’t even begin to describe it.  However, the SS CFE appears to be seaworthy – thanks to her dedicated and talented crew.

  • Tricia has earned extra stripes for steering us through these gale force winds.
  • Scott has trimmed the sails perfectly, somehow miraculously keeping us on course with our online presence and resource offerings.
  • I’ve been below deck trying to rebuild our engine to function on alternative fuel while we remain underway.
  • The other doctors have been above deck rowing like crazy even though the storm often threatened their comfort and safety.

I couldn’t be prouder of this group of amazing people!  (Shout out to Laurie and Craig A.…  It was not without intention that my mixed metaphors, which are probably actually analogies, are nautical in nature – as to grate on the sensibilities of your household equally. 😊)

Tricia tells me that some of you want to know when I’ll be seeing clients again.  First, let me say that I’m honored you miss me.  I miss you too, terribly!  But honestly, I don’t know just yet when I’ll be back.  My plan is to see some of my human chiropractic clients on June 9th.  But, I must admit that I’m concerned again.  It breaks my heart doubly that I need to be worried about the effects of our community’s genuine mourning and protest.  People absolutely needed to come together during a time when that, in itself, is dangerous.  I’m concerned that these events occurring during a pandemic will add another level of tragedy that we won’t see the true extent of for weeks to come.

While it makes my heart heavy to say so, my roles have to stay shifted for the time being.  My family needs me as exposure-free as possible to care for our beloved 90+ year-olds.  My practice needs me to keep working on that “engine.”  We have to be certain that our protocols meet the requirements of businesses operating during this pandemic.  We need to provide our services as safely as possible with regard to the pandemic.  And, we need to be mindful of our doctors’ and clients’ security during this time of community unrest.  In addition,  I need to create online continuing education opportunities for my colleagues due to the cancellation of an international animal chiropractic convention which was to be held in Minneapolis in October.  That’s a lot of stuff, but current circumstances dictate that my attention be turned to every bit of it.

Please be open to seeing the other amazing CFE providers while these other situations are being shored up.  Remember, I hand-picked every single one of them.  You KNOW how picky I am about my babies!  And as far as I’m concerned, your babies are my babies.    I will be back, but I can’t be certain when.  I don’t want your animals delayed in getting the care they need to keep them as safe, healthy and happy as possible.


I’m still here and I want to hear from you!  I would love it if you would fill me in on how you’re doing and how the fur-babies are.  Please stay in touch, send me updates and questions if you have them, see our other docs, and keep yourselves safe and open to all the love there is in the world.  I will look forward to seeing you.  In the grand scheme of things, it will be soon.

Shining love and light at each and every one of you,

Dr. Annie