Hello! from our farm. We are busy on our 20 acres trying to get it ready for our first full summer here. The kids have been helping plant seeds both inside and in the garden, while also making their own fun.

We have also been busy trying to navigate distance learning with my oldest who is in Kindergarten, and it has its ups and downs, especially with our rural internet! Gym credit is often accomplished by helping clean up sticks in the yard, carrying plants or helping in the barn.

Our arena has become a multipurpose room when the weather is crummy. The kids will play in the dirt, ride every type of wheeled vehicle and sometimes even a 4-legged one. I’ve even had a chance to ride a few times once the kids are in bed.





Twist has been with us about a year and is the newest addition to our herd of 4 horses. He is a 10-year-old APHA gelding that my daughter and I will eventually show. I was able to make it to one show with him last year and our goal is to hit a few more once things start opening up.

As well as seeing clients on an urgent basis via curbside visits, I have also continued to treat my own animals, including my 20-year-old cat Lila. She is in kidney failure with high blood-pressure, but still finds the time to get in trouble and follow me around the house “yelling” about her wet food being gone. Watch for her and others to be featured in our “caption-fest” posts on the CFE Facebook page.

And because it was not already hectic enough up here with both Josh and I working and no childcare, we added 7 more to our farm in the form of baby chicks. The two below are both sex-linked females. The dark yellow is a Golden Comet pullet and the grey is a Sapphire Gem pullet. We also have two Easter eggers that we are hoping are pullets. They are quickly outgrowing their first brooder in my boiler room and will soon need to move into bigger accommodations.




Please stay healthy and safe and I look forward to seeing you and your pets when we can return to more-normal scheduling.