Dear extended CFE family,

Hi! How are you? How are you feeling? What have you been up to?

My family is in good health. My husband is working hard in his role that involves medical inventory and health status of the National Guard. My boys are headed into their 3rd week away from school and friends-can you say Cabin Fever! My dad is back in Canada, self-isolating. My mom is teaching her university courses online. My brother is teaching overseas, also now online. My sister is keeping her family safe at home while directing an organization promoting and educating women candidates for political office. Everyone is safe and healthy.

I have been struggling with the lack of control and need for continuous flexibility. While the Stay At Home order was not unexpected, it certainly gave me even more pause as far as how to balance home and work life, as well as my responsibility to our society as a whole. Most of you know that I practice TCVM (Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine). It’s how I learned acupuncture and it’s supported my passion for life-long learning. As an Earth (caregiver)/Water (philosopher) Constitution, I find that I am constantly trying to figure out how to take care of the people, pets, and communities affected by this pandemic. I am also almost always thinking. Thinking about the universe as a whole. Thinking about energy. Thinking about medicine. Thinking about philosophy.


In addition to providing me more quality time with my nuclear family, the recent turmoil has given me more time to pursue additional learning. I’ve resumed a basic QiGong practice in addition to more regular meditation. I’ve gone for family walks with the kids and dogs and set up routines to reduce stress in our home. We’ve done puzzles and games and watched movies and had Tickle Wars. The boys have made comments like: “we don’t really need any new toys; we have lots of cool ones.” And they eat left-overs with minimal complaints as we learn the importance of current resources. My kids are old enough to understand that this is A Very Big Deal. They have seen the sacrifices their dad and I have been making and the choices we’ve had to discuss. They’ve seen a few news reports. And they have been inspirational in their practicality and resilience. (I am getting a bit tired of Scooby Doo, even though I like singing along.) And now finally, I understand my dogs’ genius of living in the present moment, the ultimate lesson in mindfulness


Two things came to me in all my thinking that seemed important:

  1. When we are threatened with losing everything, we realize what is truly important. I don’t know who said that, but it speaks to me right now.
  2. There are more things in heaven and Earth, Horatio, than are dreamed of in your philosophy.-Hamlet. I can’t claim to understand everything that happens, but I can be open and frame it in a way that is useful for me.

As an extroverted introvert, I struggle with not spending time with my clients and patients. I miss you all so much and I truly appreciate the emails of support that I have received. Your empathy for my situation gives me even more strength and compassion. Because of you, because of the CFE team, and because of my family, I know that we will get through this. We will go on to thrive and to make a difference. I encourage you to be open, compassionate, resilient and ever hopeful, and to reframe every experience in some positive way. I hope to see you soon, either in person or via our new TCVM Herbal Telemedicine opportunities!