Quite the changes we have been seeing, for better or worse we will get through this.

All is good in our household and spring is upon us and lush green carpets will cover our drab landscape soon. I have a healthy population of creeping Charlie in my front yard, so I will also get to see purple. Spring is my favorite time of year.



I am trying to get projects done around the house. Lots of sewing done and lots of masks have been made. My son, Tristan, and I collected many bags of winter poo. Those sharp young eyes do an awesome job of finding the treasures. Rose, our big dog has added significantly to the quantity. She has also been doing her own landscaping of the backyard. She has now taught this special talent to Tristan. He decided to bury tennis balls as treasure for her to find.  He has also stated that he is going to be a paleontologist and Rose will be his digger to help him find the bones.

Technology has allowed for virtual get togethers and this has been great and gave some semblance of normalcy to see friends and family. We have been using Zoom and have not had any of the fun privacy issues that have been reported.



Rose and Flash are loving all the attention and feel that anytime is a spectacular time for a treats, pets and playing with those tennis balls!

Stay safe everyone and know that I miss seeing you!