Inspired by Nosework

Inspired by Nosework

Celebrating CFE Partner: For the Love of Dogs.

Today some of the animal chiropractors and staff of CFE got to observe Kristin Elmquist of For the Love of Dogs give a nose work class at Carver Lake Veterinary Center in Woodbury.  We learned what “crittering” is and got to smell birch scent. We watched three wonderful dogs all alert their handlers in their own special way when they were on the scent and when they had located it specifically. “Hides” were placed on a vehicle, in a landscaped area, and even one near a dumpster.

We knew that nose work was amazing for all types of dogs, but had no idea how fascinating it really is! The potential that nose work has for deepening your connection with your dog and your understanding of how they communicate is profound. The accessibility of nose work to our geriatric and differently-abled clients is simply outstanding!

loveofdogsKristin Elmquist is a certified instructor for the NACSW (National Association for Canine Scent Work). She was inspired to explore nose work when her dog, Didjah, lost his vision and had to stop doing agility. Nose work allowed him to stay on a working team with Kristin and gave him the continued opportunity to be active and have success.

We learned a lot from the dogs and handlers in class. One was there simply because he seems to enjoy this sport more than agility – he relaxes nicely into the work and clearly delights in informing his handler that he found the hide. Another dog was introduced to nose work because of an elbow condition that prevents her from participating in high impact sports.

We also learned that this sport is perfect for the reactive dog, because only one dog is allowed in the working area at a time. Great care is taken not to have one dog crowd another’s experience.  Because of the nature of the work, spectators are not allowed at nose work trials.  However, if you want to learn more about this great sport you can volunteer to help at a trial!

For more information about nose work, please visit For The Love Of Dogs website.

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