Land O Lakes Kennel Club Show – January 6-8

Land O Lakes Kennel Club Show – January 6-8

No CFE booth this year, but we’ve still got you covered!

For those of you attending the Land O Lakes Kennel Club show at St. Paul’s Rivercentre…   CFE will not have an on site booth as we have for the past few years.  However, we are still available to care for your competitors should an animal chiropractic need arise.

Dr. Stacie will be at the Animal Medical Clinic on Snelling Avenue in St. Paul during the day on Friday.  The Animal Medical Clinic is just 3.5 miles from the Rivercentre.  Dr. Annie will be available for appointments both Friday and Saturday evenings in Roseville, at St. Francis Integrative Services, which is just 5.1 miles from Rivercentre.

We know this is a big show for many of you.  We want your four-legged stars to shine their brightest.  We’re here for you!  Just call or text 952-484-5460.