New Certifications for CFE!

New Certifications for CFE!

New Certifications for CFE!  

Well-rounded care for your canine athlete.

CFE’s dedication to canine athletes runs deep.

Surrounded by our CFE family – we spend our Sundays at Soccerblast, On the Run, TCOTC, Animal Inn –  but that’s not all…

We hold regular appointment hours at On the Run, Agile Canines, Twin Cities Animal Rehab – and that’s not all…

We travel to the national agility competitions to support our CFE clients in the heat (Springfield, OH), or the cold (Tulsa, OK) or both (who remembers CPE Nationals here in 2014?) – but nope, even that’s not enough…


We show up where we’re needed, but more importantly… we’re specially trained and prepared to support your canine athlete.

Over the last year, Dr. Annie has worked hard to become certified in canine sports massage (instructed by Cindy Hickey of Supreme Motion) and in canine fitness training (through the University of Tennessee.)

Information from these rigorous courses has been added to the CFE doctors’ base of knowledge.  This makes us better than ever at spotting weaknesses and asymmetries that may progress to injuries if left unaddressed.  We can also provide basic fitness information that may help prevent weakness and asymmetry from occurring in the first place, or help identify it sooner than it might have been without a regular fitness routine.

With this information as part of the criteria we use to assess your dog, we are better equipped to work hand-in-hand with your rehab veterinarians and professional canine massage therapists.

Sometimes it takes a village to keep a canine athlete running strong.  We are 100% ready to be a part of your dog’s integrative health care team.

We want to thank the people of the Minnesota agility community for trusting us with the care of your teammates!  Your trust is well-founded.  We will continue to earn that trust –  each and every time we care for your dog.