Why do what we do? There is no better answer than…

For the love of an old dog.

IDreyerSimont is a wonderful thing to spend time with a puppy or a young adult dog – one full of energy and vitality – with that constant attitude of “What are we going to do next?”

But, all too soon, we notice gray hairs on that muzzle. Perhaps a little cloudiness in the eyes. What was once all prances, pounces and wags is now more of a methodical lumber. Panting, once reserved for high energy activities and supreme excitement – now is part of simply going out to the mailbox or walking through the kitchen to the water dish.

Life has become more challenging… Every day is a blessing.

There is nothing like that trust and deep connection that has developed between you. Really no need for words anymore, they probably can’t hear them anyway. Just a motion or a glance can convey any concept necessary. Watching them sleep has taken the place of throwing the ball 1,000 times.

Why do we, the doctors of Chiropractic for EveryBody, do what we do? Because we have lived with that dog, too. Our lives have been enriched by the connection with the kind old sage. The one who sees you as essential as the air that they breathe. Making those angels feel better is what we do every day… what we love to do. We love it every bit as much as fine-tuning the canine athlete or helping a puppy recover from one of life’s tumbles.

No matter where they are on their pathway, we want your companion’s time with you to be fulfilling, comfortable and happy.

Our careers were inspired by the senior pets who have shared our lives… our angels, our guides. It is in their memory that we do our best for your best friend every day.