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Dr. Rachel is amazing, Maddy is at 85% and gaining more each day! Without the additional specialized care, she would never have regained her mobility. Dr. Rachel makes special weekly trips to Granite City Pet Hospital for clients in the St. Cloud area. Don't settle for traditional methods and steroids for an injury, there are much more effective and naturally derived methods to heal your sweet, beloved pets.

Cathy NelsonCathy Nelson

I want to express my heartfelt thanks to the team of Dr. Annie and Tricia for their wonderful care of Rhyme during the three days of competing at the NAC.  I felt like we were Olympic athletes with the support and immediate treatments and adjustments all weekend.  Without a doubt CFE played an important role in our success.  Thanks!!

Alyssa TaylorAlyssa Taylor

Jackson hit the 3rd weave pole in the Challengers round which threw him off his game the rest of the course.  But Dr. Annie Seefeldt from CFE fixed him right up after his run… I can’t wait for next year’s Nationals!

Denise Doll-KieferDenise Doll-Kiefer

Thanks to the amazing Team CFE and their personal touch while at the National Agility Championship.  Abbie ran great and I never had to worry so I could focus on the course.  You’re the best!!!

Sandi KottSandi Kott

Thanks for all the help and support at the Invitational this past weekend!  Pep and I both really appreciated having you there to cheer us on and keep us whole!

Mike TehMike Teh

Team CFE is AMAZING!  Dr. Annie has done wonders for my dog and continues to do so at local and national events.  My dog, Daggy, made it to the Challengers Round at the 2015 AKC NAC and without the support of Dr. Annie and Team CFE keeping him running in tip top shape, we would never have made it to the Challengers round!  Thanks Team CFE!

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Lori, Paul, Bitsy & Zoe

Now I’ve met everyone! I highly recommend all of you. And I have sent in a few friends already who have seen amazing results also. Love the high quality of care. Thank you!