We are honored to help your beloved pet!

Comfortable, safe treatment. Excellent service.


Best place ever! We are lifelong customers!

As always the care given to Henry is terrific!

Very friendly and informative visit, as usual

Wonderful visit in every way....just as ALWAYS!

Always happy with the service provided by Chiropractic for everybody! I was especially thankful I had this appointment scheduled with Dr Taryn because my oldest girl had a little slip when she got overly excited and really needed her adjustment and laser treatment! Dr Taryn is very thorough and caring and I could see an improvement when we walked out the door! A big Thank you to everyone at Chiropractic for Everybody for keeping my 4 legged family members in Tip Top Shape!!

Dr. Taryn is the best!

Very knowledgeable, pleasant, wonderful with my dog and me.

A very personal, caring experience. Really feel like Dr Stacie cares greatly for her patients!

Great veterinarians and vet chiropractors!! Treatments are SO successful. Highly recommend these professionals!

Dr. Kerri is amazing!

Always welcoming and SO good with my spoiled dog. Professional and Sofie already feels better after her appointment.

Dr Kerri is awesome, personable and handled Cally great.

As always, Paisley was relaxed and happy to go with Dr. Annie today! Love how she is kept in great shape for running agility.

Thank you for getting us squeezed in today especially for Abby. Old age and icy conditions are particularly unfair to dogs with a few more miles on them. Thank you!

We trust Dr Rachel so much and we can see how comfortable Bonzo is with her, and that makes the curbside pickup situation less worrisome.

Appreciate the friendliness and time spent chatting about details around Emme's care

Fantastic results. Our 15 year old 4lb Yorker responds so well to the treatments!

Dr. Rachel is amazing!

Awesome vet!!

Dr Rachel is SO nice and positive! She genuinely cares about my dog!

I highly recommend these very special and extremely qualified chiropractors. I was hesitant at first to bring my dog in for an examination. Dr. Lindbeck was great with Sofie and now after only 6 visits she is back to her old self.   Thank you!

Dr Stacie is very personable and patient.

Thanks so much for keeping Paisley in top shape!

Wonderful as always! Thanks!

Dr. Stacie is wonderful. She really made sure Gulliver was comfortable before going ahead even when it involved an unscheduled potty break.

You guys are amazing

The care Doc Annie extends to my cat and dogs is always top notch. It ensures my animals are at their healthiest. Thank you very much.

Dr Annie is great with the dogs

Great vets!!

As usual it was all good. I drive 1 hr and 20 minutes away, I wouldn't do it if I thought it wasn't doing my dog good.

Grace loves seeing Dr. Kerri... always better!

Dr Taryn is such a gift to our 16.5 yr old spaniel! Less aches and pains, so Life Is Good!

Just a great caring practice

Dr. Kerri has helped so much with my 11 year old yellow lab, Zoe. Thank you for your tender care with her. You can tell how much you enjoy what you do!!

Dr Rachel is THE BEST!!

Dr Stacie is very kind and patient with my Beau. I also learned a lot from her.

Very competent provider, and very kind.

Always a pleasant experience.  Thanks for helping Sadie

Wonderful, compassionate vets, and staff.

Grace is always happy after she sees Dr. Kerri!

I absolutely love Dr. Rachel. She makes the experience exceptional and my dog loves seeing her. I am so grateful she provides this service in St. Cloud MN

Dr. Kerri is very patient with our dog and is caring. She loves what she is doing.

As always Dr. Annie is the best

Dr Stacie is wonderful. She answers all my questions and is so gentle. Thank you Dr Stacie.

Thank you so much for helping Abby to feel better. She has a little spring in her step.

Thanks for working out a plan to see clients during COVID.

Dr Annie is awesome!

Dr Taryn is magic w my dog

Dr Kerri is one of the best things I have ever done for Gus. She goes out of her way to help us. The info she gave me on the PEMF bed was wonderful too.  Thank you Dr Kerri Lockwood!

Thank you for taking such good care of our family.

You guys are just the best. Tommy says thank you.

The care and compassion is second to none!

I had never been to a dog chiropractor before and I was pleasantly surprised. Kerri is such a great person to work with and very knowledgeable. She gave us some good tips on Gus. We drive over an hour to get there but we will be back.

Great care and compassion

Love working with Dr Kirsten. Always friendly and takes good care of my dog

Thank you for working out a plan to see clients during covid.

Dr. Annie is incredible! I will be recommending her to everyone I know and will be bringing Gordy back for future adjustments. He already seems like a new dog after his first adjustment!

Kylo and his mom and grandma LOVE Dr. Taryn. He has greatly improved his range of motion after chiro and acupuncture. Thank you thank you

Dr. Stacie was great with Princess!

Kaya loves Dr Annie

Everything is always amazing! Thanks for always taking such good care of my babies!

Great help as usual!!

Always the best!!

Always super caring and willing to offer assistance for our fur kids.

Dr. Annie is the best! She cares deeply about her patients and the owners! I’m always telling my friends about Dr. Annie!

Kirsten was aaaaswesome with Prada, who was her chipper self again in the evening. Looking soooo much forward to having Kirsten be part of Prada‘s life!

I think both Raven and I enjoyed the experience. First time I've seen acupuncture in person.

So informative!

I'm very happy with Dr. Taryn Lindbeck. She has done an excellent job with Storm and he is not the easiest dog to work with as he has lots of energy.

Thank you for your kind service. It is greatly appreciated. Thank you for taking care of Sid.

Dr Annie is so good with the all of my dogs

Dr. Kerri is just great. She has been seeing Cesca for a year now and she is doing great.

Everyone at CFE is awesome!

Thanks for taking such good care of our seniors

I have never had a bad experience with any of the chiropractors. Keep up the good work!

Dr. Kerri always makes everyone feel better.

Dr. Taryn is great - very kind and patient - and Lola loves her! She relaxes as soon as the treatment starts and doesn't want to get up to leave

Dr Kerri was great. Emme is doing well with the chiro treatments. Thank you

Wonderful! Wonderful! Our pooch is feeling and doing much better

Gracie was very happy after seeing Dr Kerri. Thank you.

Love you guys!! Thanks for everything you do!!

It was awesome coming in and the services performed were amazing! Would definitely recommend!

Daisy loves Dr. Rachel

Dr Stacie is awesome!

Everything was wonderful! Just as it always is, just different now with COVID, but you thought through everything! Super easy and I thank you!

Wonderful how gentle and patient Dr Kirsten was with our dog as a first time visit. We will see you again in 2 weeks!

I can't tell you enough how wonderful you all are!!

Thank you guys for all your help!!

It was a wonderful experience. Very calming environment and knowledgeable staff.

Stacie is wonderful. I am so grateful to have been able to get Emme our dog in to her today for treatment. She is knowledgeable, patient, kind, gentle and answered all of my questions. I totally trust Stacie and know Emme is in great hands. What a blessing!!! Thank you.

Dr. Annie is so kind, caring and patient with Della. We appreciate everything that she has done for us over the past several years starting with our first Min Pin Diva.

Dr. Tayrn clearly was gentle and kind to my very stressed out dog. She has been a life-saver.

My entire experience was wonderful, I have already started recommending you.

Protection from covid, and good with my dog. Five stars.

This was done very well with the pandemic social prerequisites

Love you guys!!

Dr Rachel is a caring, compassionate, knowledgeable Doctor, whom I trust very much to do the best for my dogs

We LOVE Dr. Rachel and genuinely count down the days until we get to see her... I am so grateful every day that we found someone to help us make our old man dog more comfortable.

Dr Taryn is very personable, and informative.

We are so pleased with your service and a Patch loves his doctor..

Viper always improves after being adjusted and I'm so grateful for CFE and all the terrific doctors!

Excellent as always!

Dr. Kerri is amazing!!

Dr. Kerri is fabulous! She also made some suggestions on my aging pet that were things I had not thought of. Thank you so much!

Dr. Rachel has great rapport with my dog. He loves seeing her and always appears to be more comfortable and moving better after seeing her.

Highly recommend!

Thanks for fixing Abby’s hip. It’s made a huge difference for her getting around and moving.

Dr. Taryn was so gentle and patient with Big Mac for his first visit. He was a little nervous, but by the end of his examination and adjustment, he was smiling and happy to snuggle her. She gave us great recommendations on how to help him feel his best.

Dr. Stacie is AWESOME!


This is wonderful!

Great experience!

You have a great staff......just so trustworthy!! Thank you so much!! What a pleasure to come and have my little girl worked on!! She (Lucy) benefits so much from these treatments!!

I am very grateful that Viper could be seen for her fairly acute condition despite the physical-distancing. Your procedure of admission for care followed the guidelines well.

Thanks Kerri, Squeaker and I really appreciate you!

Great service!

Happy cat!

I moved Zeke around the ring at Animal Inn after our appointment. He was moving so much better. He was less excited and seemed more comfortable, with a much more relaxed gait.

Caring attitude!

My cat, Matt, was given pats, treats, and time to explore before his exam even began. He was very cooperative. When he experienced some discomfort and quietly said so his voice was immediately acknowledged. I appreciated the time and thorough response to my concerns and questions. Matt and I will be going back. Me for the care quality and Matt for the treats.

Dr. Rachel is always on time if not early and my dog Ziva loves going to see her which makes taking her that much easier. Glad this service exists for my dog.

Kind, courteous and professional.

All of it was excellent.

Dr. Kerri is great!!

Buddy and I love Dr. Kirsten!

Thanks for getting Paisley back to perfect today!

Minnesota Pitbull Rescue
Behind the Scenes, with Smokey!
Smokey had his third appointment with Dr. Kirsten Caskey earlier this week. Smokey’s first appointment consisted of an evaluation and just a small chiropractic adjustment. His second appointment included another adjustment and acupuncture with 24 needles. Appointment number three was another adjustment and more acupuncture with 32 needles for the full time. He has been super cooperative and tolerant of all the handling. Dr. Kirsten said she believes he has more strength in his legs now due to how he has been able to catch himself better on the slippery floor in the room, but he is still severely lacking in his overall control of his legs. He’s had some great progress in just 3 visits, we remain hopeful for this boy!

Dr. Rachel is amazing, Maddy is at 85% and gaining more each day! Without the additional specialized care, she would never have regained her mobility. Dr. Rachel makes special weekly trips to Granite City Pet Hospital for clients in the St. Cloud area. Don't settle for traditional methods and steroids for an injury, there are much more effective and naturally derived methods to heal your sweet, beloved pets.

Cathy NelsonCathy Nelson

I want to express my heartfelt thanks to the team of Dr. Annie and Tricia for their wonderful care of Rhyme during the three days of competing at the NAC.  I felt like we were Olympic athletes with the support and immediate treatments and adjustments all weekend.  Without a doubt CFE played an important role in our success.  Thanks!!

Alyssa TaylorAlyssa Taylor

Jackson hit the 3rd weave pole in the Challengers round which threw him off his game the rest of the course.  But Dr. Annie Seefeldt from CFE fixed him right up after his run… I can’t wait for next year’s Nationals!

Denise Doll-KieferDenise Doll-Kiefer

Thanks to the amazing Team CFE and their personal touch while at the National Agility Championship.  Abbie ran great and I never had to worry so I could focus on the course.  You’re the best!!!

Sandi KottSandi Kott

Thanks for all the help and support at the Invitational this past weekend!  Pep and I both really appreciated having you there to cheer us on and keep us whole!

Mike TehMike Teh

Team CFE is AMAZING!  Dr. Annie has done wonders for my dog and continues to do so at local and national events.  My dog, Daggy, made it to the Challengers Round at the 2015 AKC NAC and without the support of Dr. Annie and Team CFE keeping him running in tip top shape, we would never have made it to the Challengers round!  Thanks Team CFE!

Now I’ve met everyone! I highly recommend all of you. And I have sent in a few friends already who have seen amazing results also. Love the high quality of care. Thank you!