What do all the doctors at CFE have in common?  A continuing education addiction!  We love-love-love our jobs, and will always continue our search for more great information to bring to the table to help us serve your companions in the best way possible.  Here are a couple of recent examples…

Dr. Rachel Stephensen just completed her certification in Chinese Veterinary Food Therapy (Woot, woot for Dr. Rachel… this was a LOT of work!) AND attended a continuing education course in Canine Sports Medicine.





Dr. Annie Seefeldt spent 3 days at the American Veterinary Chiropractic Association conference studying more in-depth functional neurology as it applies to gait assessment and new ways to integrate myofascial release into her chiropractic work.




Thank you so much for trusting CFE with the care of your companions.  We take this honor very seriously, and will never stop finding ways to be more helpful and effective in our client services.